What We Do

Mission Statement
“Societal transformation through self reliance, mutual respect and peaceful coexistence.”

Activities of Mahatma Gandhi Centre falls under the following four themes:

Rural Democracy and Empowerment : Constituting Gramarajya as the fundamental democratic unit by electing representatives to serve people with varied interest within that Gramarajya. Everything that the village needs is determined at this level. A participatory forum is encouraged to develop village plans. Representatives representing groups of development interests reflecting the village plan will constitute the Gramarajya (village council) which will gain legality and receive mandatory fund allocation from the central government.

“..Swaraj will come not by the acquisition of authority by a few but by the acquisition of the capacity by all to resist authority when abused..” – Mahatma Gandhi

Self Reliance in Food and Energy : Inventorying all land and other natural resources in the Gramarajya to determine their production support capacity and encourage activities to grow varying food and renewable energy crops for satisfying needs of the Gramarajya and sale of the surplus through group marketing arrangements.

Public Health and Social Welfare : Exposure and use of alternative sources of medicine and training of body and mind through meditation and recreation.

Public Awareness and Right to Information : Exposure of people to their civic rights and their rights to information about the workings of any public office for the purpose of improving efficiency and for providing better service to the public through establishing IT connectivity.