Build a New Society

Sri Lanka cannot be truly independent as long as there is dependency on others – in the form of imports, aid or grants- for the basics of life. Gandhiji did not also support a culture of consuming natural resources faster than the earth can replace them for acquiring luxuries -whether imported or home made – nor did he support producing harmful waste material beyond the capacity of man and nature to convert them into useful or harmless materials. Globalization just for making profits is evil, and cannot be accepted by any society.

Repeat of the recent global financial meltdown cannot be ruled out unless we take recourse to moral discipline, and equity becomes a prime policy consideration for future development of human welfare based on self reliance and efficient use of natural resources. Globalization needs to be understood as a method devised for sharing and not grabbing. Greed-based development therefore cannot serve the humanity at large and that development should be moderated by need-based considerations and regulations. Let us build a new society in which the discipline of accountability can be acquired and regulated through civic consciousness to forbid what is wrong and evil and enjoin what is right and progressive for humanity, As first step, let people take development responsibility for their immediate localities by constituting a decision making and implementation mechanism of their own, and that is what the MGC advocates as Gramarajya.