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The Mahatma Gandhi Centre is a very small and relatively a new organization, established on a firm conviction that the Citizens of Sri Lanka deserve a much better condition than what they have today. Those who support this also firmly believe that the condition of this country cannot improve unless everyone registered as a citizen of Sri Lanka is prepared, individually and collectively, and genuinely commit to uphold, as a matter of faith, that the Country Belongs To All. At the end of a prolonged and violent conflict Sri Lanka is at crossroads: it can either move towards a new future of peace and prosperity by being magnanimous to learn from the past mistakes, and correct its future course embracing everyone in the main stream of decision making and ensuring developmental equity for the benefit of all or the people in this country can slide back into another era of trading enmity and bitterness.

In a country like ours where political compulsions blur human compassion and justice, our biggest challenge for the future is establishing moral authority. At the Mahatma Gandhi Centre we believe that, some day, compassion and justice will have to become the touchstone in all our matters and, given the spiritual base rooted in religious diversity, these values can easily be re-kindled in the Sri Lankan Society. The MGC activities in the areas of rural empowerment and good governance; self reliance in food and energy, alternative heath care and resource management (including mental stress) and increasing public awareness on people’s rights are aimed at cultivating basic human values of equity, justice and fair play to reflect in everything required to lead the way for a new future.