Restorative Justice

Posted on February 23, 2012 by admin

The Mahatma Gandhi Centre organized a meeting on the topic “Restorative Justice and Global Relevance” on Saturday 18th Feb 2012. The main speaker was Lawrence Kershen QC, UK. Mr Kershen has actively supported the development of the process of restorative Justice to help implement its principles both in criminal justice and education He is presently the Chair of the Restorative Justice Council and also Chair of Search for Common Ground in the UK. Called to the UK Bar in 1967 and appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1992, he has been a part time judge for 12 years. It is at this time, due to his experience with wrong doers and victims, that he came to understand the worth and value of restorative justice. Working on a voluntary basis he advocates and promotes the use of restorative justice as an adjunct to the existing criminal justice system, and in education. He trains mediators and most recently completed a course in mediation for judges in Egypt.

Introducing Mr.Kershen, Dr.M.A.Mohamed Saleem, President of the Mahatma Gandhi Centre noted that “Increasingly Restorative Justice is being talked about as opposed to retributive justice to repair the harm caused or revealed by criminal behavior, and it is accomplished through cooperation of all the stakeholders in the process. The whole world today is in some form of turmoil, and we in this country also have had a taste of it. Anything that can contribute to peace and coexistence of human diversity on the basis of mutual respect and unity towards common purpose is what required today. If Restorative Justice is such a path we should not hesitate to follow it”.