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Restorative Justice

Posted on 02/23/12 by admin

The Mahatma Gandhi Centre organized a meeting on the topic “Restorative Justice and Global Relevance” on Saturday 18th Feb 2012. The main speaker was Lawrence Kershen QC, UK. Mr Kershen has actively supported the development of the process of restorative Justice to help implement its principles both in criminal justice and education He is presently the [...]

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MGC Homeopathy Advisory Committee

Posted on 02/04/12 by admin

Under its work theme Public Health and Social welfare the MGC has a programme titled alternative sources of medicine and environmental health. In order to raise public awareness of homoeopathy healthcare system as a viable alternative system particularly to those, who have little help from the mainstream healthcare due to high cost or inaccessibility to [...]

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Sustainable Agriculture

Posted on 02/01/12 by admin

Mahatma Gandhi Centre launched a book written by Dr. Lionel Weerakoon to further its effort to support Sustainable Agriculture. The keynote address was given by Justice Mrs. Shirani Thilakawardena. The book titled “Sustainable Home Garden Development in Sri Lanka – Grow it Right” by Dr. Lionel Weerakoon is available in all three languages at the [...]

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MGC sponsors a talk on Cancer

Posted on 11/30/11 by admin

Mention of the word cancer sends death signals even to the healthy. Once branded with cancer life becomes a nightmare in this country. It need not be so, and feel reassured by listening to the first hand experience of a successful life with cancer. Mahatma Gandhi Centre sponsored a talk on “Personal Experience living with [...]

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MGC supports a seminar on cancer

Posted on 10/07/11 by admin

Mahatma Gandhi Centre supported a seminar organized by the Organization of Professionals Association of Sri Lanka (OPA) jointly with the Association of Scientific and Technical Workers on Thursday 6th October 2011 at 9 a.m. The topic Cancer is a manageable disease – homeopathic Advances and Strategy. The main speakers were Dr. Shaji V Kudiyat, Chief [...]

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Baroness visits Mahatma Gandhi Centre

Posted on 08/09/11 by admin

Baroness Miller of Chilthhorne Domer, Liberal Democrat, House of Lords, London, visited Mahatma Gandhi Centre on 9th August 2011. On this day MGC in association with Movement for Land and Agricultural Reform (MONLAR) organized a seminar to discuss “human dignity through self reliance for food and support services”

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Mahatma Gandhi Centre Home Garden Club

Posted on 04/26/11 by admin

Mahatma Gandhi Centre Home Garden Club was launched at the Mahatma Gandhi Centre on 25th April 2011. The main talk was by Prof. G.S. Murty, former Director School of Chemistry, Andhra University, India on ‘Organic Farming is the way for ensuring food security and conversation of environment’. The membership of Mahatma Gandhi Centre is open [...]

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Issues of Food Security

Posted on 01/30/11 by admin

MGC conducted a special meeting with some partners to discuss issues on food security in the light of the recent floods and also the global food shortages.

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North East Inter Faith Forum meets at the Gandhi Centre

Posted on 01/04/11 by admin

The North East Inter Faith Forum met at the Gandhi Centre on the 4th of January 2011 to plan its work programme for the year and at the end of it made a declaration to share with the rest of country NEIFR’s conviction of bringing spirituality as an arbitrator in all future dealings, and as [...]

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MGC involvement in Post War Reconstruction

Posted on 12/29/10 by admin

MGC has established contacts with a number of resettlement villages in the Vavuniya and Mullaitivu District. MGC believes that a new environment of Self Reliance for rebuilding life and encouraging inter-ethnic interactions for rebuilding trust in co-existence will have to become the major thrust in the war affected areas. Visits to the resettling villages revealed [...]

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