Naro Remembered

“Naro Udeshi was one of the pioneers and the first President of the Mahatma Gandhi Centre. Naro was convinced that the people of this country – Sri Lanka – deserved much better lifestyles than what they have and that motivated him to join others to find a way of empowering people through self reliance by advocating rural democracy based on the Gandhian principles of Gramswaraj. Although a businessman by virtue of his position as the former Chairman of the Siedles Group of Companies he was selfless at heart, and looked for every opportunity to be at the service of the needy. According to him –“wealth had no meaning unless used to serve humanity” and this sums it all: his character, his mission, his vision and the new paradigm everyone is looking for a new world order. Naro was a successful businessman, a natural leader and sportsman of national repute, motivator, a family man, loving husband, caring father, decent employer, and a benevolent and likable friend. The Mahatma Gandhi Centre commemorates his anniversary annually” and The Mahatama Gandhi Centre released a compendium of messages from friends and colleagues on the first birth anniversary following Naro’s demise. Anyone wishing to have a copy please contact Mahatma Gandhi Centre.